In this digital era of streaming, there are numerous choices for enjoying than ever before and that’s why viewer may usually get confused. What can you really see on a streaming network like Hulu? How much does it price? How do Hulu’s latest services vary from the regular cable box? Here we are going to show you all the solutions with the guideline to Hulu and its channels. You can also get it from

What is Hulu?

Hulu is an on-demand and live TV or video with the latest series and shows service that enables users to stream favorite TV programs in the U.S. It is declared by Hulu LLC which is a combined venture of The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, Comcast, and to a minor credit, and AT&T. Hulu’s main goal is streaming latest TV programs and it has owned real content including movies, video, series, cartoons or documentaries and allows monthly subscription packages to modify your watching experience.

The Hulu network varies from other recognized streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as it lets user quicker access to famous series from various popular networks. You only have to wait for a week or sometimes it’s just a day to offer you episodes of the famous broadcast TV series after they’ve started. Unlike cable box, there are no any extra or hidden charges, equipment charges, or installation process involved with a Hulu subscription. You can enjoy Hulu by getting and activating it from

Hulu supports to which type of devices?

As posted on Hulu’s official website, Hulu is accessible on various streaming devices, like devices with Android or iOS, Apple TV, Desktop, Mac, Google’s Chromecast devices, Roku, Tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, the Xbox One/360, etc.

Hulu’s Classic app which is not conceded for some characteristics like the live TV option is accessible on Sony TVs, TiVo, Android TV, Wii U, and picked Blu-ray players from Sony, Samsung, or LG Company. Also, Regular Hulu is supported by the PlayStation 3 and PS4 but it has competition with Sony’s live TV so Hulu with Live TV is not carried.

What about Hulu Price and Fees?

Although Hulu used to give a free version of its some limited content, this is no longer available. The Hulu network led to a completely subscription-based network in 2016, excluding the ad-supported service. Though, in a new partnership with Yahoo, Hulu introduced limited content to Yahoo for free. The website will have several new episodes of some series, and further episodes will be continued 8 days after they broadcast.

The Traditional Hulu Streaming service is now split into a subscription,

Ad-supported package with the price of $6/month (there is a price drop of $2 per month from January 2019) .

Ad-free package with the price of $12/month

While in Hulu with Live TV,

Limited-ad subscription costs $45 per month
Ad-free subscription costs $51 per month

How can we get Hulu for our device?

Registration for Hulu on your device is an easy process and it can be performed in just some minutes from your mobile phone or computer. Just visit and go through all the on-screen directions. There is also an option to link your Hulu account with your Apple or Android account to do billing process easier.

Unlike traditional TV, Hulu does not ask for any commitments or long-term engagements. You can try a free version of 7 days and cancel later easily. Also, it doesn’t ask you to enter your credit card data when you are performing the signing up the process. So if you want to cancel your Hulu free subscription, you can do so quickly online or contact Hulu customer service at If you ever choose to get it again, your account data will yet remain available.

After that, you have to activate your product by visiting, here you have to add an activation code shown on your TV screen and follow some easy steps. If you find that it is a hard process than you can get help from Hulu support team online via email or call. You can also get help from a live chat window.